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AIOU Solved Assignments Autumn 2021 (FA/ICOM) (HSSC)

Allama Iqbal Open University Solved Assignments for Class (Intermediate) ICOM/FA in PDF format. Anyone or students can easily download solved assignments by book code or choosing book’s name with their respective code. These assignments are solved and also free to Download.

Solved Assignments Autumn 2021 FA/ICOM:

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Below Given table in start have Book’s code, next one is Book Name and in Last Assignment No 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Code Book Name No 1 No 2 No 3 No 4
303 Iqbaliat PDF PDF PDF PDF
308 General Science PDF PDF PDF PDF
309 Arabic
311 Book Keeping And Accountancy
312 Education PDF PDF PDF PDF
315 Economics PDF PDF PDF PDF
321 Muslim History Of Sub-Continent PDF PDF PDF PDF
343 Islamiat (E) PDF PDF PDF PDF
346 Principles Of Commerce PDF PDF PDF PDF
361 Persian  
372 Criminology PDF PDF PDF PDF
376 Human Rights PDF PDF PDF PDF
388 Penology
389 Quran-E-Hakeem

All students are advised to check assignments submission date in below given table and submit your assignment to your respected tutor before the last date of the assignment.

Full Credit (6 Credit Hours) Book Assignment Submission Due Date Autumn 2021
Assignment No 1 01-12-2021
Assignment No 2 01-01-2022
Assignment No 3 01-02-2022
Assignment No 4 28-02-2022
Exam Month March-2022
Code Book Name No 1 No 2
301 Daftri Urdu PDF PDF
305 Rural Development PDF PDF
313 Dairy Farming PDF
316 Islamiat PDF PDF
317 Pakistan Studies PDF PDF
319 Ethics
322 Secretarial Practice
326 Farm Income Generating Skills PDF PDF
327 Farm Machinery PDF PDF
328 Improved Methods of Oil Seed Crops PDF PDF
329 Jadeed Zarat PDF PDF
330 Child Care And Development PDF PDF
342 Improved Methods Of Fruit Production PDF PDF
345 Home Management And Home Furnishing PDF
347 Banking PDF PDF
349 Plant Protection PDF
355 Consumer Textile
356 Food And Nutrition PDF
357 Health And Nutrition PDF PDF
358 Apparel Design
360 Information Technology Applications
363 Urdu – I PDF PDF
364 Urdu – II PDF PDF
366 Action for Health PDF PDF
386 Compulsory English – I PDF PDF
387 Compulsory English – II PDF PDF
394 Statistics – I
395 Statistics – II
1307 Math – I
1308 Math – II
1309 Math – III
1339 Basics Of Accounting
1345 Principles Of Commerce
1346 Commercial Accessories
1347 Commercial Geography
1349 Introduction To Business Mathematics
1340 Business Accounting
1348 Introduction to Economics
1350 Introduction to Business Statistics

Last Date for Assignments Submission

Half Credit (3 Credit Hours) Book Assignment Submission Date Autumn 2021
Assignment No 1


Assignment No 2 28-02-2022
Exam Month March-2022


Updated At 25-Oct-2021

All the data for solved assignments is collected from valuable resources. All students are advised to get an idea from these solved content and write it in also in your words. This is advised to avoid plagiarism and also for better grades in the result of the assignments. All solved assignments are free to help students.

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