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Bath and Body Works Candle Day Deal

Save 60% on this candle day. Bath and Body Works is giving best deal on Three Week Candles for only $ 10.25 by using the code “BESTDAYEVER” until December 3, aka Candle Day. These candles are usually 25.50$, which is a markdown of $ 15.25 and is the best day of the year to pick up your favorite one.

Bath and Body Works:

At the time of writing, Bath and Body Works are running a virtual line to get into sales (people like a good deal of candles, so we’re assuming that this site is causing a lot of traffic). To prevent crashing). Waiting times vary, but you can pop up your email, and a link and a notification with your location in line can be sent when it’s your turn to make a purchase. Just make sure you click your link within 10 minutes of receiving it, or you’ll lose your place in the line.

Once inside, you will have access to all the fragrances offered by Bath and Bodyworks. You’ll want to go shopping right away, as your session will end in about 30 minutes or so. While you can use this time to store all your favorite perfumes, the retailer cuts this deal to 18 candles, so keep that in mind when you add 10 fresh balm candles to your cart.

While almost nothing saves more holiday energy than shopping online for the biggest savings of the festive season, if you’re missing out on today’s sales, it’s still available tomorrow at Bathroom and Bodyworks stores. Will remain . You will all meet in a virtual line!

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