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Billie Eilish stops concert midway to help asthmatic fan: Watch

 Billie Eilish has garnered love and support from her fans around the world after her thoughtful gesture during her Atlanta concert.

The 20-year-old   Bag Guy hitmaker paused the concert midway to ensure a female concert attendee was doing okay amid her asthma attack.

“Are we good here? Hold on, I got you. You need an inhaler?” Billie asked the person. “You need an inhaler?” she asked again before asking her crew. “Do we have an inhaler? Can we just grab one?”

Videos from the moment have ever since gone viral.

“It’s okay, we got one.” She then continued, “Guys give her some time. Don’t crowd.” Speaking to the rest of the crowd, she said, “Relax, relax. It’s ok, it’s ok.”

She added, “We’re taking care of people. I’m waiting for people to be okay until I keep going,” 

She later sent a flying kiss to the person. “You need to go back or are you ok? You sure?” According to Billboard.com.

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