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Captain Marvel #38 gives Carol Danvers’ Binary form the spotlight – as her own separate character

Living up to the character’s name, Carol Danvers’ Binary form is now a separate living entity in the Marvel Universe as of Captain Marvel #35. Now, May’s Captain Marvel #38 brings the newly birthed Binary into Carol’s world as an ongoing character – and judging by the story’s title, ‘Trials,’ getting to know a second version of herself may be quite challenging for Carol.

The newly incarnated version of Binary was created when Carol tried to use her powers to phase out of a prison created by the Kree villain Vox Supreme. Carol’s energy powers interacted oddly with the energy of the containment cell, causing her instead to split into two beings, with the Binary aspect of her powers becoming a sentient being all her own (with an updated look from artist Russel Dauterman, based on artist Dave Cockrum’s original designs, seen in the gallery below).

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Captain Marvel #38 - Binary

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)
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