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College football is the largest multi-level marketing scheme in the United States

College football is a competition whose framework tries its best to deny outsiders a chance to win, like Cincinnati, even if they end the season unbeaten.

College football:

Approximately 30 minutes into two episode of the Amazon Original series LuLaRich – the latest addition to the growing catalog of popular documentaries and the forced cookie, if morally questionable, exposes the world of multi-level marketing – viewers finally find the disturbing logic I get stuck It is the hub of most American business models. In the world of MLMs, success has little to do with product sales (in this case colorful leggings manufactured by a California-based company called LuLaRoe), and everything has to do with selling a promise. One that, by design, should be mostly insecure.

“There’s always been a lot of pressure to connect, to recruit, to recruit,” says Courtney Harvard, one of the handful of friendly former LuLaRoe retailers who provide the narrative heart of the series, focusing on multi-level marketing. Adding to the list of new members referring only to the sale of the product to a third party. “Buy, buy, buy. Recruit, recruit, recruit,” she adds, “you’ll get there.”

What makes LuLaRich, and other MLM-based content so irreparable to viewers, is that ‘there’ Harvard references are often an illusion, usually presented by a hypnotic charismatic founder. His rhetorical and aesthetic approach is a serious blend of evangelical cat. Graham and 1970’s Consumer Electronics Maun Crazy Eddy. It’s nice to see someone slowly opening up in the center of the enterprise, as it turns out.

In any case, what we learn along the way is usually a change in theme: the wealth and prestige promised to everyone who signs up with a multi-level marketing company, only to a small cadre of elite. The success of which, however, depends on an army of passionate underlings who continue to pursue their dreams. These are the people who move the system forward, those who create wealth are the people at the top.

“If you look at the multi-level marketing scheme, you see that more than half of all money goes to 1%,” interprets MLM expert Robert Fitzpatrick, as most of the interviewees see live on camera. Are There is no one below 80%. They have to lose. Therefore, the structure itself destroys the vast majority.

If any of this seems familiar – a system set up in favor of a small elite, naturally encouraging crackpot leaders who help themselves to clutches, exploitative labor practices … speaking in recruitment. – You may be a fan of college football.

For the benefit of everyone, it is important to say out loud that half the teams participating in the NCAA Football Bowl subdivision have no chance of winning the competition in which they are competing. This is not a Pandit in your mind. When I say that they have no chance, I mean that regardless of their on-field performance, they will probably not be able to reach the playoffs which is the crown of the champion.

It’s a matter of simple math, really. Only four of the 130 teams competing at the FBS level will be selected to participate in the college football playoffs, and decisions on who is entitled to these prestigious seats are left to a 13-member panel that Acts as the sole mediator. So unlike its basketball counterpart, where winning your conference tournament gives you an automatic bid and the selection committee discusses which of the two or three middle teams deserves the last 36 big places. , You are parsing the relative strengths and weaknesses of the programs. Who have won all or all of their games except one. This is an incredibly fine margin, and the result is that the schools known as the ‘Power Five’ conferences – SEC, Big Ten, ACC, Big 12 and Pac-12 – enjoy a tremendous advantage. Enjoy, especially large-scale cultural and economic capital stores such as Alabama, Ohio State or Notre Dame.

Covering college football in my many years, this vague truth about its competitive structure has never failed to amaze me. It’s amazing and the only thing in the American and World Games that teams will happily participate in a competition whose framework tries its best not to give them a chance to win no matter what they do, and The season includes an unbeaten run.

The list of schools that have completed with perfect records since the turn of the century but whatever was half-baked playoffs or championship finals at the time has been frozen is long and this season May be long to the end. Utah in 2004 and 2008, Boys State in 2006 and 2009, TCU in 2010 and Central Florida in 2017 completed their seasons with full records but could not get close to the shot at the national title compared to the more lucrative journey, but eventually lost. Meaning, bowl game. Competitive equivalent of slapping on the head.

He was certainly celebrated by fans and the media alike, but since he was out of the aforementioned Power Five, getting a seat on the high table of college football was the longest shot. As is the case with LuLaRoe and other MLM schemes, it is the proximity to success that ultimately reflects the fraud.

The most prominent American athletic conference among aspiring outsiders this season comes in the form of the University of Cincinnati. Barclays will soon enter the Big 12, a Power Five perch from which an unbeaten record will come close to guaranteeing them a place in the playoffs. But so far, he remains a member of the college football proletariat, which aims to do more than just grudge for the mill.

If fans had forgotten that, they received a derogatory reminder on November 2 when the first college football playoff rankings were released and Cincinnati found itself at number six, watching the playoffs of four teams from the outside. Despite this 8-0 record, ranked No. 2 in both the AP and Coaches Pool and then an unbeaten road win over Notre Dame.

Three weeks later, however, things are looking up. (Ironically, with a little help from the University of Utah, the Barclays have broken the top four and are close to becoming the first non-Power Five schools to make it to the playoffs, but their position is hardly secure.) Is. They can certainly lose one of their other two games, but regardless, the odds are always against those outside the college football elite. Given the opportunity, there is no doubt that the committee will break Barclay’s heart.

In any case, it should be clear that the problem here is not effort. In addition to being successful on the field, Cincinnati has also enthusiastically participated in the College Athletics Arms Race, spending eye-watering money on stadium renovations and coaches’ salaries. According to a report by the Athletics Department, یونیورسٹی 250 million in subsidies from the university’s treasury over the past decade.

It’s a race that doesn’t guarantee them anything, even if they win all their games. As Fitzpatrick put it, they are part of the vast majority who are “doomed to fail.” Like a LuLaRoe retailer who buys box after box on the promise that they too can get on stage with the founder, shine and celebrate their financial independence, scam FBS schools outside of Power Five. is being done.

You may be excused to think that Barclays’ imminent climb to the Big 12, or even an unpleasant appearance in this season’s playoffs, would prove to be based on the equivalent of college football, but you would be wrong (only). 11-0 Texas-San Antonio (ranked 22nd in the latest CFP rankings). An outsider who has been destroying the party for 23 years since the introduction of the Bowl Championship series – and the excuse of a cohesive competitive structure with it – is hardly a proof. Except that occasionally, or perhaps necessarily, equality should appear.

As with many aspects of American life, the characteristics of the world of college football are a feature, not a bug, of the system, which acts as fodder and provides the illusion of a strong competition, which Inevitably another Gatorade bath will form. For Nick Saban. They present the corpses of their “student-athletes”, the resources of their university, the hopes and dreams of their alumni and fans just for the slightest sniff of wealth and prestige.

If Momentum means anything, we can one day get an extended format of playoffs, hopefully accessible to all FBS programs. In fact, if Cincinnati is undefeated and deprived of it, it could be a predetermined outcome. Either way, it may not be fast enough for me. There are a lot of problems with college football, and while we can’t solve them all together, we can start with the most basic. We can make the competition a real competition on our own instead of the pyramid scheme.

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