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Complete Truth behind the story of murder by Adopted Russian girl

Statement by adopted Russian girl “I didn’t try to kill my brother”. In 1997, a 9-year-old Russian girl was adopted by an American couple who believed she had the potential to kill when they say she tried to throw her younger brother off a 30-foot-high deck.

48 Hours [Russia Girl] Troy Robert:

Eventually, the couple brought her back to Russia and locked her up in a child psychiatric institute. Troy Roberts, co-founder of “48 Hours”, described the developments along the way for a show entitled “The Perfect Child”, which aired in 2000.

Since then, Roberts has been troubled by this dramatic story, and wonders what happened to this blue-eyed Russian girl. And more than two decades later, they reunited in North Carolina, not far from where they live.

And in an emotionally charged interview, the 33-year-old girl provided Roberts with amazing details of her journey from a closed psychiatric ward in Russia to the search for happiness in the United States. Broadcast on Saturday, December 4 on CBS and Paramount + at 10 / 9c.

Her Odyssey began when Crystal and Jesse, an American couple whose last name was “48 Hours” withheld to protect their privacy, went halfway around the world in 1997 in search of loving children, Went to the orphanage.

“It simply came to our notice then when we finally found out that we would be able to go to Russia and pick up our own little boy and girl,” Jesse told Roberts at the time.

“And we were so excited,” [Crystal].

They named their adopted children Caralee and Joshua, but shortly after returning to the United States, they say, Carlyle began abusing them.

“We’ll see him staring into the distance with blank eyes in a trance-like state,” Jesse explained.

“There was a coldness and anger inside.” [Crystal]

The little girl finally announced that she was hearing voices and was being deceived. Then the unimaginable happened: Crystal and Jesse say Caralee tried to throw her brother off the 30-foot-high deck outside her house.

“She took him in her arms and she was going to throw him on the deck,” Crystal explained to Roberts two decades ago as they stood together on the deck, Crystal showing how her daughter The brother was holding on to the railing.

And I just started screaming, “Put him down, Caralee!” Crystal said. “Put him down!”

She said she asked Caralee, “What are you doing?” And the child answered, “I will kill him.”

It looked as if the incident would take its toll, as the couple took caralee to visit several psychiatrists. A psychiatrists who saw Caralee described her as a “threat to murder” and possibly a threat to the entire family. The couple installed an extensive security system. “We have cameras and alarms,” Crystal said.

They sent the girl for several months of treatment, but said he was convinced there was no apparent improvement, although at least one psychiatrist said Carey had behaved innocently.

They also accused the agency of helping Carlyle to cover up her mental health problems altogether – an allegation the agency denied.

Realizing that she was out of treatment options and insurance coverage, they decided that he had no choice but to take her back to Russia, to a child psychiatric facility, where doctors there You can achieve better success with it.

And Troy Roberts, who was with her to cover the story, gave her his business card and a few rubles and asked her to hide it in her socks before sharing the last tearful farewell.

That heartbreaking story aired in 2000. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, and Roberts is left with a terrible secret, wondering what happened to her.

Surprisingly, the girl, who now calls herself Sabrina, reached Roberts last summer, and they met in North Carolina, where she met her husband, Philip Caldwell, and their three young daughters and newborn son live together.

She reveals amazing details of her life, including her time with Crystal and Jesse, she tells what happened on that deck that day, and how she fell in love with him and traveled from closed Russian ward to the United States and now she have a family.

“So, were you deceived at that time?” Roberts asked.

“No; she doesn’t see anything,” Sabrina replied, stating that she was depressed and even committed suicide because she felt that her adopted parents supported her brother. Of course, she wasn’t the girl they really wanted. “Just a kid trying to get out.”

As for the deck incident, Sabrina said she was just having trouble trying to get her brother down the stairs, as Crystal had told her to do. She insisted she would never try to hurt him. “I did not try to kill my brother,” she said.

But, she says, it’s all in the past.

“I have an amazing husband. I can’t thank God enough for that,” Caldwell told Roberts. “I have wonderful children. But if I hadn’t gone through what I went through, I wouldn’t have. ”

She even told Roberts how she got to Crystal and Jesse to tell them how things worked for her.

And the story doesn’t end there.

For his part, Roberts tells Caldwell how he met her in 1999, and seeing her leave Russia, struck him as if he hadn’t told another story, and his life changed forever. ۔

“I started saying to myself, you know, maybe one day I can save an older child,” Roberts recalled.

And he did!

Four years after leaving the Russian ward, Roberts received an adoption certificate, and he learned of a woman in Djibouti, Africa, hoping to find an American to adopt her 4-year-old son.

Coincidentally, the baby had an unusual resemblance to Roberts. “I see a picture of him; he was my son.”

Roberts made three long trips to Djibouti to find the boy and his mother, who were living in an abandoned building and sleeping on the floor. The mother said she had a brief relationship with a French soldier, and after giving birth to her son, she feared for his safety because he was of mixed race. She hoped to have a safe and secure life in the United States.

Today, the boy is Jonah Gray Roberts, 23, and he and Troy Roberts both share their wonderful journey together in this new “48 Hours”.

“Everyone seems to have a happy ending to the story,” Roberts concluded, referring to Crystal and Jesse, who, along with Joshua, have three biological daughters.

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