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Hitman Holla ‘video’, [sextape] with Cinnamon

A video of Hitman Holla and his girlfriend went viral in December 2021. Hitman Holla and Cinnamon’s Sextape BREAKS the Internet!

Hitman Holla, Cinnamon:

What is Hitman Holla Video?

On December 15, 2021, a video of Holla, 33, and his sweetheart (girlfriend) began advancing across the web. The claip is supposedly x-evaluated and was posted a month prior.

As the video began to circle, Holla took to Twitter to deliver an assertion, expressing that his sweetheart Cinnamon has full information of the clip.

Holla’s Statement:

“N****s caught me slipping once okay. so what? Ima only clear up one thing.. Cinnamon in my close friends.. She knew every female I had in there (30 of them)” Holla wrote.

“She green light anything I post like let’s not act dumb,” the rapper continued. “Somebody screen recorded my close friends November 5th (our anniversary) that’s [when] I posted them videos.

“Not tripping I knew the risk.. [people] wasn’t solid it’s all good.. What works in me and Cinnamon relationship might not work for y’all and that’s ok but what y’all do w/yall partner nun of my business but understand ima do me enjoy y’all day.”

The video has since been taken out by Twitter, expressing that it abuses their standard.

You can track latest on this topic by following link:


Holla with Cinnamon:

Holla is at present involved with Cinnamon, who is broadly known as a influencer and entrepreneur..

Outside of web-based media, she is otherwise called the proprietor of the cooking industry Cinny’s Food.

In October 2021, Cinnamon stood out as truly newsworthy later she was shot in the face during a home intrusion.

At that point, she was on FaceTime with the Wild ‘N Out star.

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