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Howard Stern calls on Joe Rogan to ‘just apologise’ for misinformation drama


Howard Stern issues demand for Joe Rogan to end misformation drama and ‘just apologise


Howard Stern calls on Joe Rogan to ‘just apologise’ for misinformation drama

Howard Stern has issued a statement urging Joe Rogan to issue a formal apology in light of the covid-19 misinformation dilemma and simply ‘own up’ to his mistake.

He voiced his thoughts during his latest episode of the SiriusXM radio show and encouraged the podcaster to simply ‘own up’ and apologise for the covid-19 misinformation drama and “endorse the vaccine.”

He was even quoted telling listeners, “I’m wrong, and go get the vaccine before you die.”

“The whole thing with Joe Rogan is so silly to me,” Stern even went on to admit.

Not only that, Stern believes, “Even the apology he just should’ve said, ‘You know what? Listen, I’m a comedian… And I have no idea what I’m talking about’.”

Or, “I have no medical background whatsoever to be telling people what to do with their health.”

Stern compared the question of vaccination to the care of his elderly mother, for whom he now acts as a proxy.

“I’m dealing with my mom and I’m trying to make medical decisions,” he started off by admitting “and I realize I’m not at all qualified to make medical decisions.”

For those unversed, Joe Rogan has been accused of propagating an anti-vax campaign that aims to reject the covid-19 vaccination requirement.

Many famous singers and celebrities spoke out against his beliefs while others removed their entire music selection from Spotify as a whole, in an effort to make a statement.

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