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It’s time to buy the relative price strength stocks

Earnings and valuation multiples are really important for determining the stock’s ability to offer substantial returns to investors. But it is also important to determine if a stock’s price performance is better than its peers or industry average.

Stock Earnings [Stock Market]:

If the performance of a stock lacks the performance of broader groups, despite impressive earnings increases or multiples of value, then something must be wrong.

It is always advisable to stay away from these stocks and place bets on those that are performing better than their respective industry or benchmark. This is because betting on the winner is always profitable.

Again, it is important that you determine whether there is a relevant reversal in an investment when considering the relative relative strength of the stock. Delivering better than the S&P 500 for at least 1 to 3 months and having solid fundamentals indicates the scope for stock growth and is the best way to implement this strategy.

Finally, it is important to know whether analysts are optimistic about the future earnings of these companies. To do this, we’ve added a positive estimate for our current quarter (Q1) earnings review to our screens. When a stock goes through an upward revision, it adds value.

Screening parameters

Relevant% Price change – 0 to 12 weeks more

Corresponding% Price change – 0 to 4 weeks more

Relevant% Price change – 0 to 1 week more

(We have considered stocks that have outperformed the S&P 500 over the past 12 weeks, four weeks and one week.)

% Change (Q1) estimate. 0 over 4 weeks: Positive current quarterly estimates over the last four weeks.

Equivalent to Zax Rank 1: Only Zax Rank # 1 (Strong Buy) stocks – which have returned more than 26% annually in the last 26 years and outperformed the S&P 500 in 23 of the last 26 years – can be obtained. You can see the full list of today’s Xax # 1 Rank Stocks here.

Current price over $ 5 or equivalent and average 20 day volume over یا 50,000 or equivalent: a minimum value of $ 5 is a good standard for screening low-priced stocks, while high trading volume allows for reasonable liquidity. Will show

VGM score less than or equal to B: Our research shows that stocks with a VGM score of A or B offer the best inverse potential when matched with Zacks rank # 1 or 2 (buy).

Here are five of the 24 stocks that made it to the screen:

Avis Budget Group, Inc.

(CAR – Free Report): Founded in 1946 and headquartered in Parsipani, NJ, Avis Budget Group operates as a leading car rental operator in North America, Europe and Australia. Avis Budget Group’s VGM score is B.

Notably, the Avis Budget Group has an amazing history of earnings. CAR surpassed estimates in each of the last four quarters, providing an average revenue surprise of 76.9%. Shares of the company have risen about 732.2% in one year.

Builders FirstSource, Inc.

BLDR – Free Report): The company is primarily a manufacturer and supplier of structural and related building products for new residential construction at US Builders FirstSource, with a VGM score of B. Over the past 30 days, the Dallas, TX-based BLDR has seen. The Zacks consensus estimate for 2021 has risen to 31.1%.

Builders FirstSource has a projected revenue growth rate of 173.1% for the current year. The company beat Zacks consensus estimates for earnings in each of the last four quarters, averaging 71.5%. BLDR has increased by about 97.5% in one year.

Kronos Worldwide, Inc.

(KRO – Free Report): Kronos Worldwide is a leading producer and marketer of TiO2, a white pigment used in a wide range of products to provide whiteness, shine and opacity. The 2021 Zacks consensus estimate for this Dallas, TX-based firm indicates a growth of 76.4% per share compared to 2020. KRO has a VGM score of A.

Kronos Worldwide beat the Zacks Consensus estimate for earnings in two of the last four quarters and dropped twice. Its average revenue for the last four quarters is about 29%. Shares of KRO have risen about 11.1% in one year.

Carriage Services, Inc.

(CSV – Free Report): Carriage Services is a leading provider of funeral and cemetery services in the United States. Based on the VGM score of B, Houston, TX-based Carriage Services, the expected EPS growth rate for three to five years is currently 15%, which is favorably comparable to the industry growth rate of 11.4%.

Carriage Services’ projected revenue growth for the current year is 64%. The company beat the Zacks consensus estimate for earnings in each of the last four quarters, averaging 28%. CSV shares have risen about 88.3% in one year.

PDC Energy Inc.

(PDCE – Free Report): This Denver, CO-based firm is an independent upstream operator engaged in the exploration, development and production of natural gas, crude oil and natural gas liquids. PDC Energy’s VGM score is B.

PDC Energy has projected revenue growth of 273.4% for the current year. The company beat the Zacks consensus estimate for earnings in each of the last four quarters, averaging 51.1%. Shares of PDCE have risen about 210.1% in one year.

You can sign up for your 2 week free trial in the Research Wizard now to get the rest of the stock on this list and start using this screen in your trading. In addition, you can create your own strategies and test them before you jump into investing.

The Research Wizard is a great place to start. It’s easy to use. Everything is in plain language. And it’s very intuitive. Start your research wizard trial today. And the next time you read an economic report, open the research wizard, plug in your search, and see what gems come out.


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