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Prince Andrew could've worked with King Charles if he were 'good boy'

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With expectation that Prince Charles will be king, his sister Princess Anne, his brother Prince Edward and Sophie are likely to get key roles.

However, missing from the picture is Prince Andrew. For the unversed, the Duke of York currently faces a civil trial in US over allegedly sexually abusing Virginia Giuffre when she was just 17.

While he has denied the allegations, he has since been stripped of his military and royal patronages.

Speaking on the prospect of what could have been a different fate for Prince Andrew, royal historian Marlene Koenig said that Prince Charles would have included his brother in his plans “if he had been a good boy”.

She told Express.co.uk: “I certainly don’t think the Wessexes or Anne will be tossed aside at all.

“Especially, as the other elder ‘not-so-much-of-a-statesman’, the Duke of York, would have been – if he had been a good little boy – someone [for Charles to rely on].

“So, there is a really large burden – although I don’t think they see it as a burden – on Sophie and indeed Edward as well.

“They will be taking on more even as they get older. The loss of Andrew and the loss of Harry and Meghan may have them rethinking things a little bit to see how they do things.

“Will they move away from the traditional charities? Things like that.”

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