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Prince Charles could opt for name change when he takes the throne

Prince Charles reportedly has four options to choose from

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Prince Charles may not be known  by his current name the day he takes the throne.

As per tradition the Prince of Wales could use his right to change his name in a bid to pay tribute to his ancestors.

According to royal expert Christine Liwag Diwon, Prince Charles, who was born with the name Charles Philip Arthur George, could opt to use and of the four names as his first name.

The writer and editor of the List said: “While the expectation would be that Charles would become King Charles III, according to tradition, he can actually change his first name once he becomes King.

“There’s a precedent in history that some Monarchs have chosen a different name once they became King or Queen, such as King Edward VII, whose birth name was Albert.

“It’s vital to remember there’s only room for one sovereign at a time, not two. Charles was born as Charles Philip Arthur George, and he can use any of those names when he takes the throne.”

However, the expert added that Prince Charles may steer clear of the practice as it is said to have caused problems in the royal family.

She said: “While it seems unlikely that Charles would decide to choose a different name, stranger things have happened in the royal world.”

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