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Prince Harry's memoir set to 'flush' Camilla's growing support for Queen consort

Prince Harry’s memoir threatening Camilla’s future role as Queen Consort

Royal experts feel Prince Harry threatens Duchess Camilla’s growing popularity as the future Queen consort.

This bombshell claim has been issued by presenter Dan Wootton during his interview with Robert Jobson on GB News.

Mr Wootton started off by admitting, “Still no word from Prince Harry at all, which we know is purposeful because they think a lot about their communications and how they’re going to be read into. So do we get the idea that William has accepted this and Prince Harry hasn’t?”

Later on, Mr Jobson joined the conversation and added, “I think that’s what they’re trying to say, I think we shouldn’t read too much. I mean, Prince William is more pragmatic there’s no doubt about that because he’s going to be the king.”

“He has to be really, he has to be a bit more grown-up about all this but one must remember that when Harry’s mum died, he was only a little boy, he was only 12.”

“And he would have found it quite emotionally difficult to accept her as his step-mum and to be fair to Camilla she never really hadn’t… she had a family herself… she never forced herself to be a stand-in mother.”

“But you don’t get the impression that Harry is particularly fond of Camilla and we’ll wait to see what he says in this book…”

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