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Prince William's true response to Queen Camilla bid unveiled: report

Experts reveal the true reaction Prince William had to plans of making Camilla queen consort

Experts unearth Prince William’s real reaction to naming Camilla queen consort after Prince Charles’ ascension unearthed.

The Queen’s statement was released just this weekend and according to findings, the entire Royal Family had a voice in the decision, especially those next in line.

According to insiders close to The Daily Mail, despite the fact that Prince William didn’t actively participate in the decision, he is still “supportive” and “completely respecting” the Queen’s wisdom on the matter.

It is no secret that Prince William’s relationship with Camilla was rocky at the start but with time he made peace with the matter.

According to the source, “There were huge family rows in the early stages of Charles and Camilla’s marriage as everyone found their feet. William didn’t have the best relationship with his father back then.”

“His relationship with the Prince of Wales is better than it ever has been. He is not particularly close to his stepmother but they get on perfectly well and are quite the blended family now.”

The same insider also went on to say, “He also respects his grandmother and her judgment more than anything in the world.”

At the end of the day, “If it is right for her, then it will be right for him. But as everyone says, time is a great healer — in many different ways.”

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