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Rihanna honored by the title of “National Hero”

Rihanna named Barbados ‘National Hero’. On Monday, the 55th anniversary of its independence from Britain, the island of Barbados formally removed Queen Elizabeth II from its position of head of state and became a republic. It’s a past full of colonial and violent imperialist legacies, and with Dame Sandra Mason and of course Rihanna.

Rihanna Barbados’s icon:

Monday’s ceremony was a celebration attended by dozens of officials, including Prince Charles, who came to congratulate Barbadians in place of his mother in a speech acknowledging the “terrible atrocities” of British slavery on the island. Prime Minister Mia Motley has been sworn in as the country’s new president. Mason, 72, had previously served as governor general.

Parliament elected her Barbadian head of state in October when the island became a republic. “This is a woman from this soil who is being given this honor,” Motley said in a speech in celebration of Mason’s inauguration.

Another woman from the land of Barbados will be honored? The Prime Minister named Rehana, our favorite billionaire and ass pajama maker, as “National Hero for Barbados.” I can think of some better ways to inaugurate a post-colonial republic. Add “Right Excellent Robyn Rihanna Fenty” to her list of great titles.

“This is a day I will never forget,” Rihanna told the crowd with a gust of wind. “It’s also a day I’ve never seen come. Barbadians are proud people, you know? We’re probably the proudest people I know. And it doesn’t matter that I’m in the world. Wherever I go, I take this pride with me. Wherever we go, the world will know that we are extinguishing the bones. After accepting his new title, he “The real hero of Barbados,” he said, adding that he was “proud” to be “Bajaan” to this day.

Rihanna’s Final Remarks:

In her concluding remarks, Rihanna prayed for the youth of Barbados to continue to advance the island and once again thanked them for this honor: “I have traveled the world and received many awards and accolades. But nothing, nothing, is the equivalent of being recognized in the world. The soil in which you grew up. ”


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