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“Spider-Man: Nine Way Home” tickets demand on Trending

Demand for “Spider-Man: Nine Way Home” tickets has crashed on box office sites, and that’s insane.

Spider-Man: Nine Way Home:

Experts say this is something the box office has not experienced since the onset of the epidemic and is a sign that, with the right release, the movie theater industry has a “bright future”.

The epidemic destroyed cinemas, crushed demand, and nearly bankrupted the industry’s largest exhibitors. Box office recovery has been slow, but steady pace over the past six months has provided confidence in the final recovery.

Overnight, the latest installment of Marvel Cinematic Universe, a joint production between Disney and Sony, has raised even more hopes. Movie theater sites such as AMC, Cinemark and Regal, as well as ticketing sites such as Atom Tickets, Fandango and MovieTickets.com have seen an increase in ticket demand, with many people crashing or going online for hours. Put the visitors in rows.

According to BoxOffice.com:

Sean Robbins, chief analyst at BoxOffice.com, said: “Fans have different levels of intense demand when it comes to pre-sales at the box office, and the film clearly shows that it belongs to a few other people. With the top. ” For anyone who doubts the sectarian draw of the theater experience over the past two years, see this enthusiasm for ‘Spider-Man’ as a turning point in the box office recovery period and See it as a symbol of a brighter future. ”

No such enthusiasm has been seen at the box office since 2019 when advance tickets for titles such as “Avengers: Endgame” and “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” sold out.

Movie theater chains are eagerly awaiting the debut of “Spider-Man: The Nine Way Home”, with some people even going to offer moviegoers extra discounts for opening night tickets.

AMC and Sony:

AMC and Sony Pictures have partnered to offer 86,000 non-flammable tokens (NFTs) to members of their AMC Stubs Premiere, AMC Stubs A-List and AMC Investor Connect, which launched “Spider-Man: Nine Ways” on December 16. Ordered tickets for Home “in advance.

Box office analysts were already hoping that Spider-Man’s latest film could reach 100 million by the time of its debut in December, but this high demand for tickets is even more encouraging for the film’s launch.

According to Comscore, Tom Holland’s previous solo films for Spider-Man opened at 11 117 million in 2017 and 92 92 million in 2019.

Paul Dergarabadin, a senior media analyst at ComScore, said: “It would be perfectly reasonable for Spider-Man to possibly be the first release of the epidemic that broke the 100 100 million mark this weekend. . ” It was the first film in the history of cinema to make over $ 100 million at the box office.

“It should come as no surprise that the pre-release online ticket sales for ‘Nine Way Home’ are, in essence, breaking the internet as enthusiastic audiences try to get their tickets for the movie. The noise of being first in line. “

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