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The Dark Souls Roleplaying Game is getting miniatures this year with player characters and “iconic enemies”

You’ll be able to get Dark Souls Roleplaying Game miniatures later in 2022, and there’s set to be a range of them to choose from.

While we don’t have a firm release date for these models yet, an official press release from developer Steamforged (the team behind other adaptations like the Horizon Zero Dawn board game) reveals that the range will include “recognisable player characters, iconic enemies, and terrifying bosses”. With the Dark Souls Roleplaying Game launching this March, hopefully we’ll get more information shortly after that.

Steamforged’s previous releases and its use of the word ‘range’ suggests that a series of boxed sets might be on the cards for the Dark Souls TTRPG. The closest comparison would be the company’s Animal Adventurer packs or Modiphius’ The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms, which launched numerous boxes for different factions. Perhaps we could see something similar here, with kits featuring enemies from specific areas like the Undead Burg.

(Image credit: Steamforged Games)

A special Collector’s Edition will also be on shelves soon. It features a leather-like cover to go with “embossed gold foil and gilt-edged pages”, but only a small number of the books will be printed. It’ll be available to pre-order from February 16.

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