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The sideline spot in Raiders-Cowboys leads to a reef with

The sideline spot in Raiders-Cowboys leads to a reef with two evacuations and a bloody chin.

Dallas Cowboys:

There wasn’t much fun for the Las Vegas Riders or the Dallas Cowboys early Thursday in the third quarter. The two players got off to an early start at their Thanksgiving dinner.

On a punt early in the second half, which went over the limit, two special tamers blew the whistle and played well. Cowboys ‘Calvin Joseph and Raiders’ Roderick Temer were stopped and refused to leave. They found themselves out of bounds and are still fighting. Due to which the players of both the teams quickly went to the sideline and intervened.

Both Joseph and Temer were expelled. The one who suffered the most in the fight was Side Judge Tom Hill. Hull came out with a bloody chin. He got band aid and got involved in sports. It’s not easy to end a fight between more than one player, all wearing pads and helmets.

You won’t see a ton of battles on the sidelines of an NFL game. He added a little extra spice to the second Thanksgiving game.

With the Dallas Cowboys’ 36-33 overtime defeat at the hands of the Las Vegas Raiders in the 54th edition of the annual Thanksgiving Game, three of the team’s four defeats this year have now come against this particular division.

And it’s not that officials should be held responsible for the damage, but Sean Hocholi’s staff is central to most of it. They came into the game with the fourth highest penalty in the NFL and entered the day as the most penalized team in the Cowboys League. Trends continued when authorities surprisingly threw a combined 28 flags for 276 yards, with both teams having reason to complain about some questionable calls.

Cornerback Anthony Brown was probably at the end of the game’s biggest offense as he was flagged four times for interference, the last of which set the Raiders on for a game-winning field goal.

Still, despite his disappointments, Doc Prescott made a brilliant comeback in the fourth quarter, equalizing the score twice and sending the game into extra time. The quarterback threw 375 yards and two touchdowns for a 106.3 passer rating. Michael Gallup (106) and Cedric Wilson (104) both topped the 100 Receiving Yards and six players caught at least three passes.

Overall, the Cowboys offended 437 yards and were 2 out of 3 in the red zone. But success came too late because losing it prematurely led to their downfall.

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