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[Watch] Kate Hudson performance with Jimmy Fallon Cover Ariana Grande’s ‘7 Rings

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Kate Hudson Cover Ariana Grande‘s ‘7 Rings’ In A Doo-Wop Style! This is SO good.

Kate Hudson:

Kate Hudson has left not only fans, but Jimmy Fallon and even Ariana Grande as well, totally shocked with her latest appearance. The actress took fans and celebrities alike by complete surprise with a jaw-dropping performance on NBC’s That’s My Jam game show hosted by Jimmy.

Dazzling the stage rather than her usual silver screen, Kate stunned in a burgundy and lilac maxi dress as she performed a doo-wop version of Ariana’s 2019 hit, 7 Rings. The crowd, which included Kate’s brother Oliver, raved about the performance.

Jimmy was completely taken aback yet delighted with the actress’ rebuttal to his musical challenge, asking her at the end of the song: “How did you know how to do that?!”

Little did Jimmy know that Kate has actually had a good amount of musical practice. She sang with the Glee cast in several episodes of the popular musical series back in 2012, playing a sultry dance instructor named Cassandra July.

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Kate performing a doo-wop version of Ariana’s 7 Rings on That’s My Jam.

The late night television host also has some musical genes in him, and routinely plays musical challenges with his guests, showcasing his legendary show band, The Roots. He is now taking the popular musical challenges he plays on his show to the next level.

That’s My Jam puts together all his audiences’ favorite games into one hour-long show featuring celebrities attempting to sing difficult renditions of popular songs, such as doo-wop versions of modern pop-songs, as was Kate’s challenge.

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