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Why is Highway 50 big headaches for drivers?

‘The dissatisfaction is high’: Highway 50 keeps on causing migraines for drivers.

US Highway 50:

From high over Highway 50 on the Carson Road bridge in Placerville on Tuesday, there was a line of vehicles as should have been obvious.

Some travelers were seen snacking, while others kicked back and relaxed.

Traffic Nightmare:

“The frustration is high,” said Santa Maria’s Jason Mosesman. “We’ve been trying to get to Tahoe for two days.”


Traveler Kendall Robowski said they had stayed in Auburn from San Jose, but had trouble getting onto Highway 50 after the Highway 80 closure.

“Then 80 didn’t open this morning so we jetted over here and tried 50. We were on 50 for three or four hours to get turned around,” Kendall said.

Placerville was a hot spot for those hot about congestion on Tuesday.

But some, like 2-year-old Hunter Robowski and his 5-year-old sister Payton, didn’t seem to mind the long pit stop.

“They actually think this is, like, so fun,” mom Kendall said.

Kendall and her husband, Billy, didn’t seem to mind either.

“We are planning to be up here until Saturday, so we might as well explore until Saturday,” she added.

Kristy Lorusso, of Concord, told KCRA 3 she and her family have been trying to get to Heavenly Ski Resort for a few days.

“I’m not driving,” Lorusso said. “I think it’s more frustrating for my husband.”

Lorusso said they didn’t even try to sit in the gridlock on Highway 50, and would flip a coin to decide if they would head back or keep going.

Instead, she decided to fuel up at Main Street Melters.

“At least the weather is cleared and everyone is really nice,” Lorusso said.

She, like so many, just hoping for the next melt to be the one coming on the pavement.

“We’re doing the best we can,” she laughed. “At least we aren’t working.”

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