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Win He-Man and She-Ra DVDs!

Ah, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. For those of a certain age, it’s still practically impossible, upon seeing those words, not to hold aloft an imaginary sword and boom, “IIIIIIII haaaaaave the poooowwwwwer!” 

Inspired by Mattel’s action figure toy range, this ’80s Filmation cartoon pitted the titular beefcake and his pals Man-At-Arms, Battle Cat and Orko against the skull-faced Skeletor and his henchmen. It ran for 130 episodes, some of them written by the likes of J Michael Straczynski (later to create Babylon 5) and Paul Dini (who went on to produce shows like Batman: The Animated Series). And He-Man wasn’t alone: Prince Adam’s twin sister also got in the act with her own series, She-Ra: Princess of Power, in which, over the course of  another 93 episodes, she fought to free Etheria from the tyrannical rule of Hordak and the Evil Horde.

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